Top 10 Best LED Bedside Lamp in 2021

Whether you often relax in the evening with your phone, video games, or a novel, the right bedside lamp would make a huge difference. They provide sufficient light for nighttime activities and create a soothing atmosphere in your sleeping space. More importantly, there is a variety of shapes and designs available, making them great additions to existing decors. From sophisticated to minimal forms, you can choose from different options to suit your styles and personal preferences. Many models even come with additional features, such as USB ports, chargers, or built-in outlets. Of course, energy-efficiency is another important to save your utility bill each month. So, if you are looking for a good one for your home, take a look at the following list of the top 10 best bedside lamps.

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List of 10 Best Bedside Lamp on

10.SOTTAE Modern Irregular Geometric Ceramic Bedside Small White Fabric Shade Lamp

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The bedroom is a space for family members to relax and rest after a long day of hard work. Therefore bedside lamp is an indispensable item to help you get a good night’s sleep. For that reason, this SOTTAE bedside lamp can bring a deeper and deeper sleep to every member of your family. This is a benefit that every customer can see clearly.

Many families have a habit of not turning off the power when going to bed at night. So, choosing a desk lamp is a perfect solution. It helps you to meet the needs of lighting at night while saving electricity in the most efficient way. Equally important, the amount of electricity that is converted into the heat of this product is very small, so it has the ability to prevent you from feeling hot and uncomfortable.

Product Features

  • The design is elegant and unique
  • Colors are delicate and classy
  • Usage time is relatively long
  • Material is high-quality and safe
  • Suitable for a lot of different spaces

9. HAITRAL Bedside Vintage Nightstand Linen Fabric Small Marble Decor Table Lamp

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A bedroom with a bedside lamp from HAITRAL and a warm light will be a romantic space for young couples. It has been described as being able to make a bedroom space peaceful for children to sleep better. Not only that, but any room with the presence of this elegant product will also become more new and more attractive thanks to the subtle color combination. As a result, the product provides just enough light for the room, helping users to sleep.

Not stopping there, you can also easily read books or do anything you want while you are resting on the smooth bed, under the soft light. This gives you maximum comfort and relaxation, thereby dispelling stress and fatigue after a hard-working day. Last but not least, the elegant and sophisticated design makes it possible to play an important role in becoming a meaningful gift for you to give to your friends and loved ones.

Product Features

  • Appearance is elegant and fancy
  • The design is ergonomic and luxurious
  • Safe and simple to use
  • The structure is stable and durable
  • Compact and lightweight for convenient transportation

8. Comzler Modern USB Port LED Bulb Bedside Table Ambient Light Nightstand Lamp

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The light source emitted from this Comzler bedside lamp is warm and comfortable. With the appearance of this product, the room space becomes more sparkling and more beautiful. That is why it is considered an indispensable item in the room of the couple. Not stopping there, it also gets a lot of attention from customers because it is also relatively suitable for small children’s bedrooms.

In addition to the outstanding features mentioned above, the LED bulb of this product is manufactured with new lighting technology with many outstanding points compared to normal bulbs. Besides, this type of bulb consumes much lower power than other popular bulbs on the market today. Unlike other lamps, this product can be moved anywhere you want, even at camping or picnic places, thanks to its compactness.

Product Features

  • The energy savings are significantly optimized
  • Light is soothing and pleasant
  • The design is both simple and sophisticated
  • Lightweight to conveniently store or move
  • The structure is very user friendly

7. HAITRAL Wooden Pull Chain White Shade Table Nightstand Bedside Lamp

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This HAITRAL bedside lamp can be placed on tables or low shelves on the sides of the bed thanks to its compact and ergonomic design. Besides, it is very convenient during use because you can turn it on and off very easily with just a few basic operations. In particular, this luxury item is introduced to be quite suitable for customers who have a hobby of reading or researching at night.

The light intensity of the product is moderate so it is suitable for installing in the bedroom. Not only that, but the light bulb of this product also provides users with continuous light without interruption, so it is not harmful to the eyes. What is more, using light bulbs will help save energy efficiently. And yet, the product is low in the heat, so it is very environmentally friendly.

Product Features

  • The light bulb is relatively energy efficient
  • Customer service is quite good
  • The price is affordable
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • The design is delicate and elegant

6. Lifeholder Cylinder Black Table Fabric Simple Bedside Nightstand Wooden Lamp

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This bedside lamp manufactured by Lifeholder has a unique design based on a minimalist style. The body of the lamp is cylindrical with a combination of elegant and delicate lines. The outer layer of the lampshade is a solid, high-class fabric covering, bringing natural beauty. It is introduced that it will always give better light quality than conventional night lamps.

The ability to blend light, give colors in many different spaces is an excellent advantage of the item that cannot be ignored. All surrounding areas will become warm and comfortable in the winter, or cool and cool in the summer. Equally important, with its versatile and ergonomic design, it is even more convenient to install anywhere in your home without having to worry about messy wiring.

Product Features

  • The design is both simple and elegant
  • Customer service is relatively good
  • Light is harmonious and soothing
  • Colors are delicate and classy
  • Suitable for many different rooms

5. Hansang Modern 3-Way Touch Table Control Bedside Square Fabric Dimmable LED Lamp

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This decorative bedside lamp from Hansang was introduced as an item that every bedroom needs to have one because it brings beautiful light, which adorns your bedroom space. At the same time, this product has the ability to make you feel comfortable and relaxed every night, especially after extremely stressful and tiring working days.

On top of that, using this bedside lamp is also a unique way to express the personality of the room’s owner. From here, products with novel designs that are equally modern will make your room more vivid, sophisticated, and beautiful than ever before. The minimalist beauty of the lamp will bring warmth to your family at night, and quiet vibrations during the day.

Product Features

  • The price is quite affordable
  • The light is warm and soft
  • The design is minimalist and refined
  • Compatible with many user ages
  • Handy to use and charge

4. HAITRAL Bedside Small Nightstand  Black Table Fabric Shade Lamp

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This simple yet extremely elegant product is a unique bedside lamp manufactured by the HAITRAL brand. With a special structure, durable materials, and a soft yellow light, this item is introduced to give users a great sleep. Advanced materials mean the product can serve your family for years without significant damage.

Besides, the lamp of the product is also appreciated by its ability to provide users with warm light sources like natural light. This light also helps users feel relaxed, easy to go to sleep. Last but not least, you or other family members can take advantage of the lights to make decorative lights for the interior, especially at the desk.

Product Features

  • The structure is both simple and elegant
  • The light is warm and soft
  • Customer service is appreciated
  • Compact and lightweight for easy transport or storage
  • Safe and simple to use

3. Limelights Fabric Shade Grey Brushed Steel Charging Outlet Bedside Lamp

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The light of this Limelights’s bedside lamp is not as bright and powerful as a tube or other white light to help you get warm and have a deeper sleep. Moreover, the light from the projection lamp is relaxing, comfortable, and helps you fall asleep more easily. Not only that, but it also feels safe and peaceful at night, especially for families with children.

Not only has the lighting function, but this bedside lamp also has a very high decoration and beauty usage. Plus, the product has a luxurious, sophisticated design, making the room more eye-catching and much more prominent. Just streamline with a few basic operations, you will own space full of disruptive and unique. Equally important, the bedside lamp is designed with a compact appearance and ideal performance to fit in different positions in the room.

Product Features

  • Colors are unique and noble
  • The material is premium and sturdy
  • Suitable for many different rooms
  • Compatible for phone charging
  • Compact and lightweight for convenient transportation

2. Seaside village Crystal Desk Lamp Touch Bedside Control Dimmable Fixture Accent Light

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For those who do not want to disturb the sleep of the family during work late at night, this lavish and luxurious bedside lamp from the Seaside village brand is a very handy companion. On top of that, it has a light glow that helps protect your eyes so you can relax. The design of this elegant smart night light helps light disperse evenly, warm light, shimmer, easier to fall asleep.

This exquisite bedside lamp will make the light in your house more harmonious and unique. The warm yellow tone, similar to the sunset color, gives the user a relaxing feeling, easily falling asleep. Besides, you can take advantage of lights to make decorative lights for the interior or to the desk. For those who have a habit of reading, this nice item is a perfect choice. After a day of hard work and study, you can lie down and read books relaxing on your comfy bed with the comfortable light from this great bedside lamp.

Product Features

  • The design is classy and flashy
  • Textures are lavish and sophisticated
  • Solemn to fit any space
  • The material is premium and durable
  • Light is soothing and warm

1. ZITRADES Touch Control Bedside Nightstand Dimmable Table Flaxen Fabric LED Bulb Lamp

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This bedside lamp from ZITRADES is equipped with an LED bulb with yellow light. Therefore, it will be an appropriate choice to create a good night’s sleep in the bedroom, because the gentle and relaxing yellow color will help your sleep to be longer. In addition to the outstanding features mentioned above, another outstanding advantage that cannot be ignored is the extremely elegant color scheme of this bedroom device. This makes it suitable for many different spaces.

Not only that, but the outer layer of the lampshade is also a delicate, high-class fabric, thereby bringing and emphasizing the natural beauty as well as embellishing charming lines for the surrounding spaces. The bottom of the lamp is equipped with a non-slip base, waterproof, does not scratch the table. Since then, this bedside lamp can always stand firmly on any surface. With all of these great features, this product is one of the best options that you should have on your consideration list.

Product Features

  • Integrate with the phone charger
  • The design is both simple and ergonomic
  • Compact for easy transport or storage
  • The material is safe and durable
  • Manufactured with improved technology


A good bedside lamp should be both functional and aesthetic. There is a variety of options available with different designs, features, and price ranges. Therefore, make sure to take into consideration important factors. With this in-depth buying guide, we hope you will understand what to look for and make an informed decision.

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