Top 7 Keyboard Vacuum Cleaner in 2021

Let’s be honest: whether you are a die-hard gamer or an office worker who has to sit in front of the computer 8 hours per day, it is bound to catch some dust and other dirty things. In addition to water, these elements are one of the main causes of damages to laptops, especially the keyboards. Tiny particles seem to be harmless, but they can build up over time and affect the circuit functions of your digital devices. After a few months or years, perhaps you have to replace them with a new one, which can be expensive. Fortunately, there is a much cheaper solution: a keyboard vacuum cleaner.

Specially designed with compact forms, these devices can behold in your hands to get rid of crumbs, dust, and other things that are often get stuck under your computer. They will make cleaning these hard-to-reach areas around the crevices and between the keys hassle-free and simple. After a lot of consideration and comparison, we have compiled the following list of the top 7 best keyboard vacuum cleaners on the market. Read on to make your decision.


List of 7 Best Keyboard Vacuum on

7. Brigii Mini Cordless USB Small Handheld Keyboard Vacuum Small Dust Buster Blower Cleaner

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The first device on this list is a keyboard vacuum cleaner from the Brigii brand. Computer cleaning is always an indispensable stage for office people or students because these are people who spend a lot of time working and studying with computers or laptops. Besides, eating and drinking while working also causes dirt and food crumbs to get stuck in the keyboard slots. Hence, this product is delicately crafted to help you and your co-workers deal with these annoying problems. At the same time, its presence makes your overall computer cleaner overall, thereby ensuring optimal device lifespan.

What is more, it has the ability to use the power source directly from the computer’s USB port, making you feel very convenient and easy to use or control. All you need to do is a few basic operations without the intervention of other cumbersome and complex tools. In addition to the unique features listed above, the device’s elegant design with its glossy colors is an outstanding advantage that cannot be ignored. This inadvertently makes your overall desk become much more sophisticated and modern. Thanks to special and specialized construction, this mini vacuum cleaner will be a great assistant when you need to clean the screen, CPU, keyboard, and other computer parts.

Product Features

  • Handy and compact to use and control
  • Design is both modern and sophisticated
  • Integrating with advanced technologies
  • The appearance is sleek and classy
  • The battery capacity is relatively significant

6. MECO Mini Vacuum Gel Cordless Laptop PC Car Piano Dust USB Desk Keyboard Cleaner

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This product made by MECO is a specialized vacuum cleaner for computers. It works to minimize the moisture that attacks the computer to make your device cleaner as well as protect the air that you breathe when working with a computer or laptop. Equally important, this device will make your keyboard cleaner than ever, it cleans all the dark grooves and corners that cannot be reached by other PC cleaning products. Thanks to a dust sweeper, a dedicated vacuum cleaner. Plus, using the power directly from the computer via the USB port gives you maximum convenience. As a result, you can quickly and smoothly remove the dirt from every edge of the keyboard without spending too much time or the interference of other complicated tools.

In particular, it possesses ideal size and low volume for you to easily transport with you to the places you want. In addition, the product has an on / off control switch that is arranged and quite ergonomic design so you will feel simple every time you control it. On top of that, the product is appreciated for its versatility because it can be used for computers and other electronic devices such as cameras, camcorders, or car parts. After each use, you just need it to a corner without worrying about taking up too much space. Last but not least, the grip possesses a compact and ergonomic appearance so you will be comfortable holding and moving.

Product Features

  • Easy and convenient to use on a regular basis
  • Compatible with many different technology devices
  • Simple to move or store
  • Its capacity is relatively significant
  • The design is both compact and ergonomic

5. MECO USB Keyboard Mini Vacuum Wet Cordless Desk Dry Laptop PC House Car Cleaner

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Computer cleaning is one of the indispensable jobs for office people or students who spend a lot of time using computers. Solving this problem is not difficult since the appearance of this mini keyboard vacuum cleaner from the MECO brand. With its special and dedicated design, the device will be a great assistant when you need to clean the screen, CPU, keyboard, and other computer parts. Equally important, the product’s strong suction combined with the ultra-clean cleaning brush keeps your machine clean and clear of dirt in the smallest slots, avoiding the risk of damage from dust or other dirt.

In particular, the keyboard brush with soft bristles, crept into the small crevices to remove the most stubborn dirt without affecting your computer. The difference when cleaning your computer with this unique device is that you do not need the intervention of other bulky specialized tools because it has been designed in a quite versatile and professional way. Besides the listed unique features, eye-catching and interesting looks are one of the great advantages that cannot be ignored. This makes your overall desk look modern and high-tech.

Product Features

  • The colors are quite harmonious and eye-catching
  • The design is unique and fancy
  • The structure is versatile and quite ergonomic
  • Its price is relatively affordable
  • Warranty policy and customer service are good

4. KeepTpeeK Mini Electric Keyboard Portable USB Vacuum TV Dust Laptop PC Home Cleaner

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This KeepTpeeK-made item is a keyboard vacuum cleaner that blows away dirt in narrow corners to make the computer cleaner and run better. Plus, it is compactly designed to be suitable for cleaning intricate car’s grooves, crevices, and surfaces, computer keyboards, makeup bags, digital cameras, phone sets, electronic equipment, or other high-tech items. Moreover, this device not only cleans the surface of the keyboard but also cleans hidden corners, grooves located below the keyboard. Not only has the effect of blowing away the dirt, but the device also helps you effectively in minimizing the moisture that attacks the computer.

All you need to do are a few basic operations without the help of other complex tools. Moreover, the product can be easily disassembled, cleaned, and stored after each use, thereby enhancing its service life. On top of that, this keyboard vacuum cleaner stands out in the market thanks to its superior cleaning capabilities. Besides, the strong suction force can carry stubborn dirt through the keyboard nooks and crannies. Additionally, its soft keyboard brush sweeps away dirt in the smallest slots. And yet, its battery capacity is also relatively significant for you to use continuously for many hours without any interruptions.

Product Features

  • The design is quite handy and versatile
  • Its customer service is relatively good
  • Low price compared to competitive products
  • Suitable for cleaning various equipment
  • Easy and simple to handle

3. Intsun Keyboard USB Cordless Vacuum Mini Powerful Laptop House PC Filter Cleaner

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Usually, when used for a long time, laptops or desktop keyboards are often dusty, difficult to clean by hand or towel. A perfect solution for you is this convenient and modern USB-powered mini keyboard vacuum cleaner from the Intsun brand. With the presence of this device, your home computer keyboard will no longer be dirty because of the thorough cleaning, cleanliness. In particular, the product is designed very compact, just holding the handle so you will feel quite comfortable when using and controlling it.

On top of that, it’s quick and easy to get rid of dirt in the tightest slots thanks to the small, flat end of the device. Moreover, the machine is compact, works without any external power source. All you need to do is plug the computer directly into the USB port of your computer or laptop, then press the power button and you will immediately be able to make the most of its power. What is more, the product is integrated with a soft bristle brush that optimizes crevice to remove the most stubborn dirt. In addition, the high-quality plastic material, super durable, environmentally friendly, and especially resistant to heat for a long time of use, you are completely assured when choosing to buy this smart vacuum cleaner.

Product Features

  • The battery capacity is relatively significant
  • The design is both versatile and compact
  • Can be used for many different cases
  • Easy to handle and use
  • Simple to disassemble and clean regularly

2. KeepTpeeK Keyboard Vacuum Portable USB TV Car Stove PC Laptop Mini Electric Cleaner

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This KeepTpeeK product is quite light in hand for you to comfortably hold and use for every corner of the keyboard. And yet, the small parts of this mini vacuum cleaner are easily disassembled for you to clean regularly, thereby ensuring the durability of the device. Plus, the device is made of premium materials, which are super durable, non-heat-resistant, and environmentally friendly. This ensures a sturdy construction as well as gives you peace of mind that it will serve you effectively for many years in a row without showing any signs of damage.

With the help of this item, you can safely access the important parts of the device, through which it is clean without compromising the functionality of the device. The powerful suction power of the machine combined with the ultra-clean cleaning brush keeps your machine clean, avoiding the risk of damage by dust or other dirt. Equally important, this mini vacuum cleaner uses the power source right on the computer just by plugging into the USB port. This inadvertently saves you a considerable amount of time and effort because you do not have to move to many locations to find a power outlet.

Product Features

  • The design is quite versatile and ergonomic
  • Easy to remove and clean each part
  • Simple to use and control
  • Its customer service is relatively good
  • Battery capacity and lifespan are remarkable

1. BE1 Electric Keyboard Air Duster Cordless USB Powerful Gas Blower Vacuum PC Cleaner

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Of course, the most obvious effect of this BE1 vacuum cleaner is to help you solve the dust on the keyboard as well as other parts. Not only that, but the relatively strong suction power of the keyboard vacuum cleaner will also take up stubborn dirt in the smallest slots. What is more, this mini product is currently being noticed and favored by many customers. With just a few basic daily operations while taking advantage of the device’s capabilities, you can ensure your computer is always in the best condition, improving productivity as possible.

Equally important, the size of this item fits in the palm of your hand, so you can easily pack it in your backpack, laptop bag, or briefcase so that you can take it wherever you want. Therefore, it is considered as one of the indispensable accessories for those who continuously work with laptops or computers. Above all, the product is made from high-quality materials, which are super durable, do not radiate heat, and are environmentally friendly to serve you a long time. In particular, this is a handy product, especially for those keyboards with adjacent buttons. On top of that, how to use and control this special device is also extremely simple and convenient.

Product Features

  • The battery capacity is quite large compared to other competitive products
  • The design is relatively compact and ergonomic
  • The material is durable and safe for the user
  • The structure is very sturdy and stable
  • Comfortable to hold and use


Versatility and filtration are the two main features that you should take into consideration when choosing a keyboard vacuum cleaner. We hope you find this guide helpful for you in the shopping process. Make sure to consider carefully before making a purchase.