Top 10 Best Bedside Shelf in 2021

As the name implies, a bedside shelf often sits next to a bed. It provides you a suitable space to put a charging smartphone, an alarm clock, or a reading lamp. In addition to being practical, this unit could also add a touch of style and elegance to your bedroom. There is a variety of options available on the market with various colors, designs, sizes, and materials. Thus, you can easily make a good decision to meet your personal preferences and improve the look of your space.

As a rule of thumb, it is advisable to choose a shelf that have approximately the same height as the mattress’s top. This would allow you to see items on the unit’s surface clearly. Also, you do not need to reach too far downward or upward during the night, which can be dangerous sometimes. Another benefit is to reduce clutter in your bedroom. After a lot of consideration, we have rounded up the following list of the top 10 best bedside shelves on the market. Check it out and make your decision.

List of 10 Best Bedside Shelf in 2021

10. BedShelfie Original Bunk Real Simple Bamboo Grey Bedside Shelf

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The presence of this versatile product will definitely help you minimize clutter in your home. Not only that, but you can also make the most of the item’s function to store kitchen spice jars or some toiletries without any difficulty. It will add elegant and modern lines to your living space.

Besides, the shelf is made up of high quality and durable materials so it will serve your family effectively for many consecutive years without showing any signs of significant damage. And yet, this material also increases the great resistance of the item, so you can confidently put heavy objects in without worrying about the shelf cracking.

9. Easy & Eco Life Wall Mounted Bedside Storage Rack Caddy Organizer Stick On Shelf

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With a design that is both smart and ergonomic, it is one of the best cheap solutions for you to organize everything in a neat and scientific way. Thanks to the maximum support of this item, you will no longer have to worry about clutter in your room. And yet, this shelf is a great and optimal way to assist you in minimizing the mess of your own space.

You can take advantage of it to organize cables, headphones, wallets, keys, or some personal hygiene items in a tidy way without any difficulty. On top of that, the high-grade materials of the shelf help its structure become more rigid, thereby enhancing its bearing capacity as well as load capacity. For that reason, you can confidently use it to store many heavy items at the same time without worrying about heavy damage.

8. Sidekiix Heavy Duty Tray Fit Stand White Bedside Storage Table Bunk Loft Room Shelf

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This luxurious white bedside shelf from Sidekiix features an extremely sturdy and stable frame. For that reason, you can comfortably place multiple heavy objects on top of it at once without having to worry about any significant damage. You can even make the most of the product’s versatile construction to turn it into a table for a light breakfast or a cup of coffee.

And yet, you can also simply place your laptop on the surface of this shelf and use it as a creative mobile working corner. Equally important, the installation of the product is relatively simple and convenient without the intervention of any cumbersome or complex tools. For that reason, you can use this shelf as a compact and portable desk to move it to the locations you desire.

7. Easy Eco Life Wall Mount Ideal Self Stick Manicure Kit Organizer Bedside Shelf

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This exquisite white item from the Easy Eco Life brand is a nightstand that is both compact and elegant. The presence of products will create impressive, comfortable, and modern accents for your private space. Plus, it has a relatively ergonomic design for you to comfortably install in different locations in your home without worrying about taking up too much space.

Equally important, fixing this bedside shelf is relatively simple and convenient with just a few basic steps, thereby saving you a considerable amount of time and effort. You will certainly not need the intervention of heavy and bulky tools. Last but not least, cleaning this nightstand on a regular basis is fairly easy with just a damp cloth.

6. Bright Life Kid Student Stand Remotes Glass Horizontal Type Room Rack Bedside Shelf

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This white bedside shelf from Bright Life is an ideal and optimal solution to help you easily store various personal items such as headsets, phones, wallets, keys, and security items. cables, or cables in a neat way. Besides, installing or fixing the shelf to the desired position is relatively simple with just a few basic moves.

From there, you will certainly not spend too much effort or time. And yet, you can clean the product on a regular basis with just a damp cloth and tap water. As a result, you can maintain the shine of the shelf in particular and for the surrounding spaces in general. Equally important, the product is appreciated for its extremely sophisticated design.

5. Hyness Bedside Caddy Gray Sofa Felt Holder Bag Table Cabinet Storage Book Tablet Shelf

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This classy and elegant product from Hyness is a gray bedside shelf shaped like a portable bag. You can easily move this unique item to the desired position in a smooth and convenient way thanks to its flexible structure. Equally important, wide compatibility is one of the main reasons why this shelf attracts the attention of many groups of customers.

From there, you can make the most of the product’s functionality to store many different items such as papers, documents, books, books, magazines, phones, or even laptops without encountering any significant obstacles. You will even easily take it with you on long trips. What is more, this shelf is an ideal and creative choice for you to give to a friend or loved one on special occasions.

4. Modern Innovations Top Bunk Plastic Black Clip Cup Cord Stand Dorm Holder Bedside Shelf

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This black nightstand from Modern Innovations is a versatile product capable of bringing great comfort to your living space. It can definitely replace a bulky and heavy desk in your bedroom. You can comfortably place your laptop on the side of this shelf for comfortable work or play. Besides, it also has the ability to act as a breakfast table for you to feel relaxed whenever you enjoy snacks or sip a cup of tea right in your bed.

Plus, installing this nightstand in the locations you desire is relatively simple without spending too much time or effort. On top of that, it possesses an extremely sturdy construction thanks to premium and durable materials. From there, you can confidently place many items on the shelf’s surface without worrying about it warping or breaking.

3. 7U Organizer White Holder Wall Adhesive Stick Small Dorm Bedside Phone Glasses Shelf

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This petite and elegant white product is a bedside shelf from the 7U brand. You can comfortably place in this shelf items such as cell phones, earphones, cables, keys, or wallets without any significant obstacles. Besides, the ability to widely apply is one of the main reasons that this bedside shelf attracts a lot of attention from many groups of customers.

Its versatile and sophisticated construction ensures you will find it easy to install it in different locations in your home such as the bedroom, living room, kitchen, or even the bathroom. Plus, you only need a damp cloth and tap water to clean the shelf on a regular basis. From there you will remove dirt as well as maintain the shine of this unique nightstand.

2. Amada Bedside USB Cable Tissue Earphone Snack Organizer Versatile Use Cup Holder Shelf

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This Amada bedside shelf stands out from competitive products currently on the market thanks to its premium bamboo materials. Therefore, it has a relatively good bearing capacity so you can comfortably place many items on its surface without warping or breaking. What is more, this bedside shelf is one of the best options for you to organize your personal items like toiletries, wallets, keys, papers, cables, and USB in a tidy and systematic way.

From there, you will definitely not spend too much time finding widgets. On top of that, it possesses a design that is both sophisticated and luxurious to add elegant lines to the surrounding spaces. Last but not least, great versatility is one of the greatest advantages of this bedside shelf that cannot be ignored.

1. Amada Snack Cable Table Bamboo Easy Assemble Versatile Use Black Bedside Shelf

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This black headboard from the Amada brand is a unique household product made of bamboo to save you a substantial amount of money compared to other competing wooden products. The presence of the item will provide additional comfort for you while making your bedroom elegant and rustic. With the utmost help of this shelf, you can simply arrange your personal items in a neat and tidy way, thereby limiting the mess in your own space.

Equally important, you will quickly find the items you want without spending too much effort. Besides, the luxurious and sophisticated design of this bedside shelf makes it compatible with different spaces in your home, not just the bedroom. You can put it in the living room to store books and magazines. Plus, it can play an essential role as a kitchen rack.


With a bedside shelf, you can have more space in your bedroom to put stuff. Moreover, it can improve the look and complement existing decors. We hope you find this guide helpful and make a wise decision in the shopping journey.

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